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Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

"Ms. Ewing-Chow’s winning article was the only entry across all three categories that met the criteria of the four-member judging panel.

“Ms. Ewing-Chow incorporated real experiences with a well-balanced mix of quotes from specialists and service providers, data, resources, and tips to highlight mental health concerns and the need for psychosocial support  for young people during the pandemic”, said chief judge Denise Shepherd-Johnson, Retired Chief of Communications with UNICEF, who assessed the entries along with Britta Baer, PAHO; Lothar Mikulla, CDB, and Enrico Woolford, Director at Capitol News, Guyana."

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World Health Organization

"Journalist Daphne Ewing-Chow of the Cayman Islands won the print category for her article examining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of teenagers, titled ‘Mental health professionals voice looming concerns for Cayman teens’, featuring the personal experiences of Cayman Islands teenagers who were feeling the psychological impact of lockdown measures and offered tips for supporting teenagers struggling with mental health challenges"

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Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

"Deidre Clarendon, Chief, Social Sector Division, CDB congratulated Ewing-Chow on a compelling piece that gave voice and visibility to the impact of the pandemic on youth and their mental health, as well as pertinent information on available mental health support services. “There can be no resilient countries without resilient people; this work underscores the importance of responsible reporting, particularly in challenging times and the role of our Caribbean journalists in these efforts,” Clarendon highlighted.

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About Her Culture Magazine

"Daphne’s professional portfolio transcends her journalistic endeavors. Her career is multi-pronged and filled with many other notable, globally significant achievements."

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Barbados Today News

"Caribbean changemaker."

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The Advocate Newspaper Barbados

"For Daphne, she is more than a writer, a mother, a woman of the region – her goal is to use her unique voice and diverse background to make a difference in her community."

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Cayman Compass

"Kayla Young, from the Cayman Compass, and Daphne Ewing-Chow, from the online Loop Cayman news service, are headed to New York this weekend where UN members will be attending a summit from 23‑27 Sept. focusing on sustainable development goals, climate change, universal healthcare, development financing and other issues affecting small island states.

...Ewing-Chow, who has also worked in Barbados, has written about fisheries, marine conservation and agriculture as part of her focus on sustainable agriculture and food systems. Ewing-Chow is an environmental and agriculture contributor with Forbes, and has also written for The Sunday Times, Elephant Journal, Elite Daily and a variety of Caribbean publications."

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Loop Cayman

"Two Cayman Islands journalists were shortlisted and ultimately selected to attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York from 22 September to 28 September as part of the Island Voices Journalism Campaign. They will be joining 13 other journalists from countries such as Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Mauritius, Tonga, Samoa and Haiti. 

... Daphne Ewing-Chow is a well-known Caribbean writer and thought leader with a passion for sustainable agriculture and food systems."

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